SCI Foundation Endowment Achieves Record Growth


Washington, DC – Safari Club International Foundation’s (SCI Foundation) endowment fund, the Hunter Legacy Fund 100, has surpassed $11 million for the company’s mission of wildlife conservation and outdoor education.  In 2013, the Hunter Legacy Fund 100 will spend over $600,000 on worldwide projects to advance the SCI Foundation’s objectives.

“Our heartfelt appreciation goes to each contributor to the Hunter Legacy Fund,” said SCI Foundation President Joe Hosmer. “The individual sportsmen and women who believe in the SCI Foundation mission of sustainable wildlife conservation and outdoor education have generously donated to ensure SCI Foundation supports critical mission-focused projects.”

In 2013 the Hunter Legacy Fund will invest in such projects as:

  • Full scholarships for two field rangers at the Southern African Wildlife College.
  • 40 teachers had their tuitions funded to the American Wilderness Leadership School.
  • A professional field manual to be used on predator related conservation projects.
  • Scientific tracking of the relationship habits between wolves and deer in the state of Washington.
  • The Wildland Awareness Educational Institute, introductory courses cover nearly all aspects of our outdoor world.
  • Research of sustainable utilization and conservation methods of the Desert Mule Deer; and support for a team of scientists to perform research, monitor, and restore the populations of Desert Bighorn Sheep in west Texas.
  • Purchase of a special motorized wheelchair allowing wounded warriors to hunt afield.

“If you, or a family members, or a hunting partner, are interested in joining the Hunter Legacy Fund please contact the SCI Foundation. Preserving the future of wildlife and passing down our outdoor knowledge is a responsibility we should all take seriously,” concluded Hosmer.

Consider joining the Hunter Legacy Fund 100 at

Contact: Bob Benson – SCI Foundation Executive Director: or Kim Byers:

Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education. Since 2000, SCIF has provided over $50 million to these causes around the world.  Call 877-877-3265 or visit for more information.

The Hunter Legacy 100 Fund (HLF) serves SCI Foundation as a permanent endowment fund dedicated to approved wildlife conservation projects, outdoor education, and hunter-related humanitarian services. 


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