Visit the International Wildlife Museum

The International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, Arizona was established in 1988. This extraordinary museum of natural history features more than 400 kinds of mammals, birds and insects from around the world. The International Wildlife Museum is dedicated to increasing knowledge and appreciation of the diverse wildlife of the world as well as explaining the role of wildlife management in conservation. Tens of thousands visit the museum every year, where outstanding taxidermy is featured in environmental dioramas showcasing how legal hunting contributes to the welfare of game and non-game species. 

All the animals in the International Wildlife Museum were donated by hunters, government agencies, wildlife rehabilitation centers and zoos. In addition to showcasing the many wildlife conservation initiatives of SCI Chapters and the SCI Foundation, the International Wildlife Museum is one of 10 permanent Sensory Safari facilities where children and adults are encouraged to learn about many animals by using all their senses, in particular their sense of touch. 

SCI members receive free admission into this extraordinary museum where many animals are displayed. Seeing a rhinoceros taken by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Irish elk with 13 foot antlers, penguins from Admiral Richard Byrd’s South Pole discovery trip, a passenger pigeon or a wooly mammoth, reminds each visitor of the importance of conservation. As a result, the International Wildlife Museum is an important part of efforts to protect the hunting tradition enjoyed by tens of millions worldwide.

Last week a gala was held to commemorate the founding of the museum. Read more about the event at the link below!

SCI Celebrates 25th Anniversary of International Wildlife Museum.

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