Weekly Update: Another Successful Convention

Safari Club International’s 42nd Annual Hunter’s Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada came to a close on February 8, 2014.

SCI Foundation had a phenomenal fundraising week and raised a total of $195,000 for conservation through our annual tag auction. A hundred percent of the profit from each of these tags goes to benefitting conservation. Conservation Artist of the Year, Linda Besse, also auctioned off her featured piece with all of the proceeds benefitting SCI Foundation’s conservation efforts. The oil painting “Outgunned” was up for auction on Friday, February 7, 2014 and sold for $15,000 dollars.


The money raised for conservation is not the only highlight the convention. SCI Foundation hosted 20 African officials to discuss pressing conservation issues surrounding their communities and assist with capacity building among nations. Meetings were held with USFWS as well as other international organizations present at  the convention to communicate top conservation needs in Africa.

The event’s high attendance numbers also provided SCI Foundation the ability to educate the masses on its many educational and humanitarian programs. The opportunities to interact with sportsmen and women throughout the week, allows conservation to be a hot topic for discussion and ensures that the real issues are in the eyes of the public. SCI Foundation’s yearly success at the convention shows that there are many in the hunting community who care about conservation and want to be involved. We look forward to next year’s convention and anticipate an even greater success.

SCI’s Annual Hunter’s Convention is the largest hunter’s convention in the world and hosts outfitters, wildlife artists, safari guides and other hunting organizations from around the world. Each year thousands attend for the chance to mingle with fellow sportsmen and women, bid on once in a lifetime hunting experiences and enjoy entertainment such as this year’s performers: comedian Jeff Foxworthy, country duo Big and Rich and the musical group Chicago. 

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