Weekly Update: Hunter Legacy Fund Awards over $650,000 to Worthy Projects









After carefully reviewing dozens of applications, SCI Foundation’s Hunter Legacy Fund’s Trustees awarded a total of $657,400 in grant funding.

Critical conservation projects were funded by the Hunter Legacy Fund to study Predator/Prey relationships. These include:

  • Monitoring grizzly bear populations in the South Rockies and Flathead grizzly bear population units – $50,000. The goal of the project is to monitor two populations of grizzly bears in the southern Rocky Mountains of British Columbia to assess the population trends.
  • Missouri Black Bear – Survival, Recruitment, and Movements – $50,000. The grant will use information from a previously HLF funded grant project, to predict the time period in which a harvest season could be implemented on Missouri Black Bears. 
  • Evaluating the Influence of Bear and Wolf Predation on Population Performance of Moose in Western Wyoming – $25,000. The project seeks to evaluate the combined influence of grizzly bear and wolf predation on the demography and population growth of moose in the Jackson moose herd.

In addition to these conservation grant awards, the HLF Trustees earmarked an additional $100,000 for a new Elephant Initiative that will aid efforts to collect science based elephant census information needed to reverse the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s ban on elephant imports from Zimbabwe and Tanzania, and to ensure hunting-based elephant conservation is not impeded. 

Grants were also provided to fund the following education and outdoor projects:

  • Youth Shooting Sports Guide – $12,500. The project to develop the Ultimate Youth Shooting Sports Guide is a partnership among Outdoor Kids Club, Pheasants Forever and SCIF Education. 
  • Outdoor Recreation Equipment for Programs Veterans and Individuals with Health Challenges – $29,900. The grant will provide shooting sports and outdoors recreation equipment is to be used in the inclusive recreation programs for Veterans, troops, and their families dealing with post combat issues as well as helping other individuals dealing with health challenges.

Additional projects include:

  • Wood Bison Release into Alaska’s Wild – $95,000. The grant will help fund the reintroduction of wood bison to Alaska’s interior. 
  • Southern African Wildlife College Sustainable Utilization Program Equipment – $45,000. The grant funds a Toyota Landcruiser to be used by students in the field to improve the quality of training offered.
  • Anti-Poaching funding Selous Game Reserve – Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania – $100,000. The grant will provide the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania with two additional vehicles for game scouts to pursue poachers throughout the Selous Game Reserve.
  • DNA Bar Coding African Wildlife – $50,000. DNA Bar Coding African Wildlife – $50,000. The grant funds the second year of a major effort to develop molecular technology, known as African wildlife DNA Bar-Coding that will provide the means to identify any biological sample to the species of origin.

SCI Foundation Applauds the HLF Committee’s Choices and Investments in Worldwide Conservation Efforts. 

The HLF is making a true tangible difference in wildlife conservation, education, and humanitarian services.  Recent support through this fund has marked a true milestone in SCI Foundation’s history. 

“The Hunter Legacy Fund endowment continues to successfully fund SCI Foundation mission Programs.  To date, the HLF has distributed more than $2 million in support of wildlife conservation, education, and hunter-related humanitarian programs worldwide.  The HLF’s success is a result of the vision and commitment of our nearly 100 HLF members.  A special thanks to the HLF trustees who have spent countless hours reviewing grant requests.  It’s great to work with this group and all the HLF members who have and continue to invest in the future of SCI Foundation,”  Dennis Anderson, SCI Foundation Director and HLF 100 Chairman said. 

There are still a handful of spots available in the HLF. Help us maximize our contributions to SCIF mission programs by becoming one of the final three HLF members.

For more information on joining the HLF, contact Bob Benson, Executive Director, 512-655-2190, bbenson@safariclub.org or Kimberly Byers, Development Specialist, 520-620-1220, kbyers@safariclub.org

Twice a week, SCI Foundation informs readers about conservation initiatives happening worldwide and updates them on SCI Foundation’s news, projects and events. Tuesdays are dedicated to an Issue of the Week and Thursday’s Weekly Updates will provide an inside look into research and our other science-based conservation efforts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more SCI Foundation news. 

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