SCI Foundation Honors Veterans through Humanitarian Programs

vetrans 2

SCI Foundation has a longstanding tradition of honoring those who give their lives for our freedom.  Many SCI Chapters sponsor hunting trips for veterans and military wounded personnel. Disabled hunters and shooters across the country are benefiting from the generous gifts of time, goods and services provided by SCI members, who try to make outdoor sports available and accessible to the disabled. It is our way to say thank you.

SCI chapters hold outings and opportunities to go hunting, fishing, or to participate in archery challenges. Many of the participants are veterans suffering from PTSD or have been disabled during their service.

“It’s a way to help them in the healing process and the goal is long-term,” SCI Humanitarian Chair Bob Adwar said. “Unfortunately a lot of veterans go into a dark place when they return from service. We get them out of the house and back to doing something they love. These men and women can continue to engage in these activities with friends or family outside of our programs and that’s why we help facilitate these outings.”

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The Colorado chapter recently held an outing in which 50 veterans, patients from Craig Hospital and their families participated. Attendees enjoyed a day of fishing and the event showcased a special archery activity. To close the day, several volunteers shared their stories and highlighted the importance of programs available to veterans and people with special needs.

Through SCI Foundation’s myriad of humanitarian programs, SCI chapters and individual members demonstrate the highest levels of philanthropy by directly reaching out to people in need. We invite you to be a part of the SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services team and we gladly accept donations for all of our programs. Join us and help make a difference!

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